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A Simple Tip To Keep Your Information Private

We know you care for your privacy, your data, messages, pictures, videos and everything else you store on your phone to be safe. And while Apple cares a great deal about helping protect your privacy – having great built in privacy protection in every iPhone – you need to actually use them to their full capabilities to be 100% safe.

With some of the latest security improvements including better iMessage encryption, Apple now gives you all the tools to protect your data as much as you feel comfortable with.

Start With A Passcode

The passcode is an easy to set up no brainer protection for your iPhone and your data. It might seem annoying to have to enter a passcode all the time (or even to have your fingerprint scanned), but that extra second can really make all the difference in case you ever lose your phone or someone steals it. Even the FBI couldn’t get data out of a locked iPhone, so anyone else should have an even harder time.

Extra Passcode Protection

While the regular passcode will protect you against most hackers in case your phone gets stolen, if you really care a lot about your information, there are further steps you can take to make sure no one will ever get their hands on it. When someone enters an incorrect passcode, the phone activates a small delay before accepting a new passcode. This delay is very small at first, but get it wrong 6 times and it will lock for 1 minute. This is especially helpful if someone is trying to use software to try hundreds of combinations – something known as machine guessing. You can even turn it up a notch by going to Settings, Touch ID & Passcode, and set up ‘Erase Data’ – what this achieves is the following: on 10 consecutive wrong passcodes, the iPhone automatically deletes all data. Obviously you’ll need to be careful with this, leave it lying around for the children to find and play with, and you might end up losing all your data.

Simple but effective!

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