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Apple AirPods Finally In The UK

After much waiting and anticipating, Apple’s new look new design AirPods will finally be available for purchase in the UK, after the release date was moved to December the 19th. Originally planned for an October 2016 release, they were pushed back to early January 2017, before the date was brought back to late 2016, so finally brits can soon enjoy Apple’s latest accessory in its full glory.

They are already available for pre-order, so if you want them for Christmas, you can go ahead and order your pair now on Apple’s official website.

Why The Delay?

The delay was likely caused by several issues Apple had with fine tuning the audio sync between the headphones, and also trying to solve issues with losing an AirPod, the battery going off or simply manufacturing them on such a large scale in a small timeframe.

How Much Do The AirPods Cost In the UK

The price for the AirPods will be £159 which is decent considering similar earphones are going for around £150, making Apple’s variant an easy choice. One downside however is that the price is $159 US Dollars in the States, making the AirPods more expensive for British customers than for Americans, which might be considered a little unfair.

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