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Iphone 8 Rumors December 2016

As usual during this time of year, rumors have started flying left and right about the future of the iPhone, only a month after the launch of Apple’s latest model, the iPhone 7. Is there going to be an iPhone7s and 7s Plus? Are they even going to be called that? Are we in for a completely new revolutionary design with the iPhone 8? Read on!

iPhone 8 Manufactured In the US?

Possibly one of the biggest developments could lead to the latest Apple phone to be manufactured in the US, not China. This would be a major change in philosophy by Apple and it remains to be seen if the price for the new iPhone would stay around the same figures, or if it would go up considering the higher costs it would require to mass produce on American soil.

iPhone 8 Rumored Features

With talk of a revolutionary approach, a game changing redesign, the future Apple iPhone 8 might include features like wireless charging, augmented reality maps, curved full glass screen with 3 x the amount of pixels than its predecessor.

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