Quick and Easy Shortcuts For Android Devices

Fortunately: Android has no shortage of concealed shortcuts that can assist you conserve time and get things done more effectively. All you have to do is find out how to utilize ’em. Ready? 1. Snap between apps Cut out delays in toggling in between apps by putting Android’s semi-secret fast-snap function to utilize. If your…

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Software Development Services

Software Development Image

Being a software and web application solutions provider, we are able to create bespoke software solutions for your business. Our years of experience in the web development space, enables us to design end-to-end solutions for clients from all over the world. Recognized as a trusted brand in the industry, we have created a stellar reputation…

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A Simple Tip To Keep Your Information Private

We know you care for your privacy, your data, messages, pictures, videos and everything else you store on your phone to be safe. And while Apple cares a great deal about helping protect your privacy – having great built in privacy protection in every iPhone – you need to actually use them to their full…

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Apple AirPods Finally In The UK

After much waiting and anticipating, Apple’s new look new design AirPods will finally be available for purchase in the UK, after the release date was moved to December the 19th. Originally planned for an October 2016 release, they were pushed back to early January 2017, before the date was brought back to late 2016, so…

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MacWorld December Edition Is Out!

Great news for Apple lovers around the world, the December edition of MacWorld is OUT! In this issue you’ll read about: Apple Prices in the UK New Mac Features Echo A Change Of Strategy How To Pick The Perfect iPhone For You The iTunes Guy answers your questions Why 2016 Wasn’t The Best Year For…

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Iphone 8 Rumors December 2016

As usual during this time of year, rumors have started flying left and right about the future of the iPhone, only a month after the launch of Apple’s latest model, the iPhone 7. Is there going to be an iPhone7s and 7s Plus? Are they even going to be called that? Are we in for…

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