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Tips For Using Your Mobile Device

I mainly see people with fashionable and amazing phones packed with many wonderful features. It makes me question whether they really use the features or do they only keep the phone as a style-statement?

My father thinks that a phone is for talking and messaging. My mother believes it’s only for talking. My other half is too lazy to do anything other than for talking. While messaging and talking are about the standard things in any phone, a lot can be said about organizing them too.
How to utilize a Smart phone

  1. Phonebook– Keep numbers on a speed dial. This is rather a helpful feature when it pertains to numbers that you so frequently dial.
  2. Messaging– Keep your templates modified. Most phones come nowadays with templates. My phone offers me an alternative to message somebody when I cut the call. I have the design template as “In a conference. Will call later”. It comes quite helpful as I need not divert my mind on messaging, but can automatically send a message.
  3. In case of Emergency situation– Keep a number saved under “ICE” in your mobile. This is the number that individuals can seek to call in case of an emergency.
  4. Secret Passcode– This is a function that can be found in with practically any phone. But hey, what is the big deal? Unless you are seeking to keep service tricks or illicit affairs, I do not see a huge deal in keeping your phone on a secret passcode.

I when discovered a phone in the ladies space however could not trace the owner since it was passcode locked. My friend has saved her “ICE” in her phone however keeps it passcode locked? What is the point?

  1. Keep your Info wiped tidy– Some females have it in them to forget their ATM pin and bank account password. Some believe that it is a clever thing to keep it took down in your phone either in plain sight or in some code (like checking out in reverse). It is better to memorize those things and wipe them out from the phone.
  2. Prevent Generic Names– The majority of you may have heard the story of the lady who lost her bag with her phone and cards in it. The individual who selected it up just sent out a message to “Spouse” checking out “What is my pin? I forgot!”. Better to prevent saving numbers as Spouse, Beloved, House, Mom and so on. Also, it is much better to call and validate prior to giving out sensitive details.
  3. Alarm– I think most of us utilize the alarm function. My husband likes to set his alarm everyday at 6 in the early morning. It may be simpler to set it to go off at 6 everyday by utilizing the repeat function that is available in practically any mobile.
  4. Jobs– Another useful thing is the tasks operate in the mobile. If I had to call somebody, or if I had to something that I repeatedly forget, I simply put it in the jobs as reversed and it keeps flashing every time I take a look at the mobile. Some mobiles have the sticky notes work that is quite beneficial also.
  5. Birthdays and Meetings– Comparable to the tasks function, this is another helpful tool to not miss important birthdays and other visits. In fact, I in some cases utilize this to even set pointers for films scheduled on TELEVISION and something I wish to view!
  6. Applications– The majority of applications require to be downloaded, however here is one thing that resolves a great deal of issues. Most of them may not understand about this, google has released its SMS search. I discover it especially beneficial to find the PNR status of trains. However you can attempt it for more stuff. Number is 9773300000.

I make sure there are lots of techie things that many people will inform you. Something like 3G, Java made it possible for, Symbian innovation and so on. But for the technically illiterate people, everything come down to what do I get out of it?